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Return Policy

We have nothing to hide. Feel free to read through our return policy if it makes you more comfortable before purchasing from us. Circus Clouds Enterprises Inc is committed to providing you with products that work as expected. All products we sell are authentic unless otherwise stated, but due to their individual function and expected life, warranty terms vary. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we will do everything in our power to promptly address your needs and concerns. Please review the information below to make sure you understand the warranty terms before your purchase. Contact the Circus Clouds Enterprises Inc Support Team if you have any questions about our warranty policy.


We offer a 90-day limited warranty from the date of purchase and a 30-day warranty on batteries, mods, and chargers from all other manufacturers. This warranty is subject to the terms and conditions outlined below:

  • Warranty does not apply to (i) cosmetic damage; (ii) damage caused by use with products other than those purchased from Circus Clouds Enterprises Inc ; (iii) damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, liquid contact, fire, or other external cause; (iv) damage caused by service performed by anyone who is not a representative of Circus Clouds Enterprises Inc ; (v) products that have been modified to alter functionality or capability or that have been used with materials deemed inappropriate by law at the discretion of Circus Clouds Enterprises Inc; (vi) damage caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal aging of the product.

  • Disposables, Atomizer Tanks, & Coils—due to the consumable nature and limited life expectancy of disposable e-cigarettes, atomizer tanks, atomizer coils, cartomizers, and pods, we offer a dead on arrival (DOA) warranty; if they do not work out of the box, we will replace them free of charge if you follow the below guidelines. You may be asked to return all defective units with their original packaging and all originally-included components for confirmation and for testing the unit to verify root causes.

  • Batteries & Chargers— Circus Clouds Enterprises Inc Store’s warranty policy only covers defects that arise through a normal use of the product and does not cover other issues that are a result of (i) improper maintenance or modification; (ii) use with parts or supplies not provided or supported by Circus Clouds Enterprises Inc ; (iii) operation outside the product’s specifications;(iv) physical abuse, unauthorized modification, or misuse; (v) electrical short circuits due to not keeping the thread connectors on atomizers, cartomizers, chargers, and battery clean and dry;(vi) battery failure due to leaking of liquid into the connection; or (vii) any battery where basic cleaning and sanitation standards have not been maintained—batteries must be clean in order for our staff to handle and test the device to verify a defect.

  • Herbal Vaporizers—please refer to our vaporizer warranty page for details:

  • E-liquids—e-liquids are not covered under any warranty due to their consumable nature. While we can guarantee that our e-liquid formulas do not change, if you find that you e-juice tastes different from a previous batch, it may be caused by some known reasons: (i) E-liquid may need more steeping if the manufacturing date falls close to current date. Please shake the bottle well and leave in dark area for a few days. (ii) E-liquid left in direct heat or sunlight may affect the taste of the liquid, especially if it contains nicotine. (iii) Changing tank, atomizer, or device types run at different resistances, and this can create a difference in the vaporization of the e-liquid. Check the suggested power range for your atomizer’s resistance and set it at the lower end of that range for best flavor. (iv) A survey of 500 customers has shown that the taste of e-juice, as well as of some food items, was altered after stopping smoking. This can be explained by restoration of taste buds.

  • Accessories and Apparel—there are no warranties on accessories and/or apparel.

  • Liquidation/Clearance Products—items offered at liquidation/clearance pricing are final sale and are not covered under product warranty or return policy.

  • Discontinued Products—items that have been discontinued but are deemed defective by a Circus Clouds Enterprises Inc representative within the respective warranty period will be compensated with store credit.

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